Sunday, November 29, 2015

TV Show Review: The Walking Dead (Season 6.1)

AMC's zombie apocalypse thriller wrapped up the first half of its sixth season with a middling midseason finale. I watch as a comic book reader who recently caught up earlier this year so I have some foresight into what might happen in the near future. I only read the compendiums so I'm about to catch up on the third book soon to know where the show is heading but for now I at least know a possible scenario that could play out in Alexandria.

This season started out with a bang, crazy black and white flashbacks, and a zombie horde. There were all sorts of twists and turns but eight episodes just wasn't enough to generate the momentum to pull off some real excitement. The set up is certainly there and the second half could be action-packed but for now we are left with not much satisfaction.

The biggest storyline of the season was Glenn's supposed death, which I found to be a bit upsetting when they didn't follow through. In the age of the internet and when you have a show to sum up the happenings, it is hard to pull something off like that. The idea was clever but in hindsight seems to be such a tease when there were no other significant deaths in this first half. 

The army of wolves were a pretty cool twist but unless they explain that through the promise of Negan, their motivations seemed clouded and nonsensical at the moment. I was hoping we would see more of them in this half but that will also have to wait. The episode where they attacked Alexandria and Carol turned all badass was one of my favorites.

The horde certainly came through and were another very exciting part about this season. They have not been dealt with yet so that will also be a part of this elaborate waiting game. 

We got to see some of our favorite characters and they did a good job dividing up the episodes as they split off on separate paths but the actions of a few seemed strange mostly because it's hard to understand the thinking of a character like Carol who hasn't been in the forefront for a while.

The return of Morgan was cool, since I like his character. His flashback came at the opportune time to delay the reveal of Glenn's fate plus the cameo of John Carroll Lynch was interesting. He's always a cool actor to see pop up, especially as a martial arts expert. A lot needed to be explained about Morgan and that episode was enlightening while entertaining and slowing down the fast pace of the horde invasion.

Overall, the first half seemed to be the set up of an awesome second half, which serves the purpose of keeping viewers coming back and ultimately selling expensive advertisement spots. Since Rick and others were covered in zombie guts in the middle of the horde, it should be one hell of a second half premiere! 

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