Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Republican Presidential Debate #4

Is this really number four? I'm a political junkie but I might overdose on political debates. So much talking and we haven't cast a single vote yet. I can barely keep track of the issues and who says what. I am only picking up on personalities at this point and that seems to be what the campaign is about.

Who can have the biggest personality? Disclaimer, I was writing a novel all night and didn't even realize there was a debate going on. I had heard about it but I kind of thought it was tomorrow. It was on Fox Business, so not even a major network? I'm slightly tipsy from mouthwash in preparation for a dental appointment early in the morning, which I'm dreading, but enough about me. Let's talk about the future of this great country.

First up, Kasich, he seemed to speak a lot from my not really paying attention perspective. I don't know anything about him and I think I can keep writing about politics without that knowledge because even the moderators were dismissive. But good for him for getting in his two cents. With that out the way....

Ben Carson spent most of the time fighting off rumors. When he talks it is so dull just thinking about it makes me zzzzzzz. 

Oh yea, Jeb, "Let Jeb speak." I think I heard that. He's losing money too from what I read. I'd be surprised if he continues to keep this up. Same goes for Rand Paul. With Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee dropping down to the kids' table, I think we should get some announcements soon.

Cruz and Rubio hope to clean up once the inevitable Trump and Carson combustion and Carly Fiorina wants to fight and might have a chance. A Fiorina vs. Clinton matchup would be something to watch. Women in charge might be just what this country needs.

I'm tired. They have bludgeoned the audience with this meaningless nonsense and in the end we just have to read the news reports and decide who won. No one has won. 

The votes won't be cast until February. It should build up steam but it seems the race has become stagnant. The attacks will be brushed under the rug, Rubio's finances, Carson's lies, Trump's bigotry. It will all turn into attacks on Hilary. Politics isn't easy to write about. I shouldn't be this cynical this early into my first go round, maybe I just need some sleep. 

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