Monday, November 9, 2015

NFL Week 9

And then there were three undefeated teams. The Carolina Panthers take control of the NFC and seem unstoppable. I hope the Atlanta Falcon can get their act together before they face off in mid-December. The reigning champs, the New England Patriots have yet to show enough flaws to warrant a loss. And my Cincinnati Bengals, with an impressive win over a division rival on Thursday night, are not showing the same jitters that they had had in primetime last season. 

The Denver Broncos fell to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon giving Peyton Manning his first loss of the season by his old team. This could very well be a playoff battles since the Colts are atop the worst AFC division, the South. The top teams have established themselves and it will be dogfight for the wild card with the Steeler, Raiders, Bills, and Jets competing right now but a few others like the Chiefs, Dolphins, and Texans still see the light.

On the NFC side, the Falcons are continuing their struggles with a disappointing loss to the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers and Panthers battle really showed who was going to take the head of the pack and Carolina showed up. The Minnesota Vikings are the most surprising team and I have yet to watch them play, so they are a team to watch though I think their quarterback might be hurt pretty badly. These players need more protection. The fight for the top spot in the NFC North and East will be tough and I wouldn't count out the St. Louis Rams or the Seattle Seahawks in the West. 

Football is about to get really exciting as we travel deeper into the second half!

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