Monday, November 16, 2015

NFL Week 10

Two teams left, one in the NFC, the Carolina Panthers, one in the AFC, the New England Patriots. 

I am still in shock after this rough loss the Cincinnati Bengals just took against the Houston Texans at home. It was an ugly game and the Bengals looked like their old selves struggling in primetime and not scoring touchdowns. It will not look good for them in the playoffs. 

The Patriots nearly lost in a close game to the New York Giants but they pulled it out in the last moments. A surprising upset occurred in the AFC East with the Bills over the Jets on Thursday. The Bills are now only a game out of the wild card spot behind the Steelers. 

The Denver Broncos in the AFC West continue with their quarterback struggle. Peyton Manning broke the passing record but threw four interceptions in the process to lose to the Chiefs.

With the win Monday night, Texans came back into the fight against the Colts and that will be a battle to watch in the late games of the season for the AFC South. 

In the NFC, the Panthers lead but the Falcons are hanging at the bottom of the wild card so that would be awesome to see Atlanta in the playoffs. 

The rest of the conference is surprising, Giants, Vikings, and Cardinals all leading divisions and the Packers are the last wild card. Even the terribly named Redskins have a chance still. 

Nothing is decided yet but some teams have made a statement and separated themselves from the rest. 

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