Sunday, November 8, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 7&8

I thought I'd drop this a bit early because I've got words in my head I need to get out plus I want to finish reading a book and go see the new James Bond movies, reviews of which will be forthcoming shortly. 

The first weekend of November arrived just in time. Through no prior planning of my own, it worked out that we had three library events, so a Library weekend. I needed to catchup on some things, namely sleep but also throwing in a load of laundry in between an action scene, then tossing it in the dryer during a suspense sequence, I wanted to see friends and family, plus there are some books I'm reading that I would like to find out what happens in. I like to think the fiction I read inspires me and gives me clues at what to do and reminds me why I took up this crazy task in the first place. I also wanted to get some exercise so squeezing in a visit to the gym improved my mood remarkably. 

One thing that does happen during November is that I let myself get away with things that I should not do during normal months. I buy that second large sugary coffee or order the extra large combo meal because I see it all as fuel and the longer I can take until my next meal the better. Even my characters are struggling with bad decisions so maybe the both of us can shape up before the end of this novel. 

I got lost in my novel plot but somehow the confidence of my main character comes back to me and he just tells me what he wants to do next and I happen to agree. I like to leave myself with a solid direction every time I end a writing session so when I return to it, I can pick right back up with the train of thought I left off with. My word count isn't struggling but where I am in the plot is starting to lag so I will have to push the plot forward a little faster if I want to finish this thing on time.

Finally, I have to stress the importance of community. Today I was thinking I would stay locked up writing on my own but realized that next month there will not be opportunities to gather like there are in November so I should take advantage of them. I enjoy talking to all the writers that I often don't have time to meet during other months. The support is amazing and off the charts. The write-in yesterday was fun but today is was pretty much magical. I walk in to a whole room of people and silence besides the tapping of keyboards and the intermittent giggling. These are the sounds of creativity and it is contagious. 

I sat down, granted highly caffeinated, and just rode the novel writing vibes to another two thousand words. I love hitting that rhythm, usually after that second caffeinated beverage, when the story rolls out and I am overwhelmed with ideas that my fingers can't keep up. I'm recharged and prepared for Week 2!

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