Thursday, November 5, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 4&5

It has been an exhausting week and there are still two days left in it. I am moderately happy with my word count but I will spend the rest of the night with my characters wandering around a snazzy party with entirely too much description of all the decorations, attendees, and beverages.

I should try to catch up on sleep soon so that I can actually think. I am looking forward to crossing over into the middle of what I hope will be an impressive sequel to the horror novel I wrote last year. I finally got my characters all in the main setting and they will even interact soon so there should be plenty of words to come of those encounters.

One thing I just love about this whole experience is the total surprise when a new development arises. Having to think rapidly forces me to flesh out scenarios and sometimes I'll just take a risk, drop in a crucial plot twist or throw in a character before they were supposed to show up. With NaNo going on, I just run with it, not second-guessing myself as I often do when I'm writing something at any other time. 

I have know idea how I'll deal with this later on but the great thing is that I don't have to worry about that until a month or so from now! 

The write-ins are going well despite some minor hiccups. A lot of people have been showing up and writers are getting farther in their work than ever before, which is encouraging for me. The weekend is all libraries and I want at least one big 10,000 word day. 

I'll go back to writing now.

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