Thursday, November 26, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 25&26 100K Achieved Thanksgiving

I thought I would have more free time but it is amazing how many things seem so much more interesting when all my time is occupied with writing a novel. I'm starting to get nostalgic already. There is really nothing quite so motivating for me as a writer but this month. I get so invested in a story and now I know I am drawing to a conclusion. I can't continue to drag it out much longer but I'm just not ready to get to the end yet. 

Tomorrow I hope to be the most productive day in my entire history of writing, at least word count wise. I am kind of sick of everything I produce at the moment and since I insist on fitting in my binge-watching of television shows at the same time I'm a bit distracted. I'm sure the condition of my grammar and sentence structure in the blog is showing on how bad I'm distracted and out of my mind. 

The caffeine hardly works anymore. I can ingest as much as I want but usually will get an ill feeling before I get any boost. I look forward to cleaning out my system and detoxing in December. I am also looking forward to losing myself in all this awesome stuff I see as far as video games, books, and movies when I don't have most of my time occupied with cranking out a paranormal thriller at this crazy pace. 

I've been asked a few times and thought myself about why this month of all months was chosen as the month to write a novel. After trying to write a Camp NaNo in the summer, I know the summer months are difficult to commit that much time to staring at a computer screen while the beautiful warm sun is out. The first winter months are full of work and other obligations. November is just perfect. It starts with the same three letters as novel too! The holiday really plays into that since it's not as busy Xmas but also time off from work to get it done. 

Getting toward the end now, I can feel the tension rising. I hope I can make it to the end because there is no way I even want to touch a keyboard for the first week of December and I don't want to lose the story momentum. I'll power through my tryptophan coma and get five thousand words and put me in prime position to write some awesome action!

The community is really awesome as always. We go through all sorts of topics from reading to writing to binge-watching to publishing to the struggles of editing. It's nice to get to know other authors who are dealing with the same situations. Writing is such a lonely activity but comes from such a need to communicate. I hope I can stick it out and improve on my ML leadership next year to create another awesome month for all my fellow writers!

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