Saturday, November 21, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 21

I'm about to reach 7k words just for today so I would say it is looking like pretty productive weekend. The library write-ins tend to be a bit more serious with quiet besides the tapping of keys. We did a lot of sprints today too so the three writers that made it out including me had extra incentive to stay focused and put the words on the page.

My exhaustion has become such a part of my thinking that I can hardly put many coherent thoughts together. I need rest and since I'm about to relax my mind for the rest of the night I should be good. I managed to gain some ground on the heavy word producers but I will probably end the night still behind. If I can find another productive day tomorrow then I might be close to the top once again. This next week offers two days of holidays where I can catch up on my towering word count.

As far as the plot goes, I'm still a bit behind. I have reached chapter thirty and my average should be about two chapters a day if I want to finish on chapter sixty so that puts me about twelve chapter behind. I had to do some rearranging of chapters since my outline had some summaries that just didn't bring enough to get a full chapter. I am making the chapters much longer this year than last but that makes sense since this novel will be much longer.

Hopefully, if this novel ever reaches a publication point, I will have built up some credibility with readers so that they might be more willing to pick up a larger sequel. That is still a long time off since I shouldn't be even thinking about editing at this point let alone publishing and the growing word count means this piece of fictional will be a monster to go through and cut while I still have the first one to work with.

I want to apologize about any typos. Obviously, I'm just cranking out words without paying too much attention to grammar, punctuation, or even if these sentences make sense so the structure isn't perfect. In future months, I'll have more time to write and read these blogs with an emphasis on editing my work so there should appear fewer errors. 

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