Monday, November 2, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 2

The second day is obviously different than the first but there are a few particulars that stick out to me. 

Personally, I had to work today so this is the first day that I had my novel stuck in the back of my mind while I messed around with spreadsheets and report formats. I bring my laptop with me everywhere so if I have a moment, I type. I skipped lunch and only had coffee and candy. My poor health will have to be attended to in December, a recovery month. 

In our community, there were plenty of writers home on a Monday so the word sprints were ongoing. I couldn't join any but it is so motivating to know others are writing and that later in the day you will join them. The write-in at City BBQ was a great success, and I feel a bit of pride when a write-in I planned goes well. Of course, I was late because of an awesome sci-fi/horror writing group taught by the brilliant Jason Sizemore but others picked up the slack. 

When I did get there, we went on a marathon of word sprints. One every fifteen minutes for two hours. This writing mania helped me push my word count even higher but I fell short of five thousand. I can't feel bad though, I'm beating myself from last year so far. 

My biggest problem story-wise comes from juggling multiple characters and having confusing chronology. I need it to be night but the character is in morning or vice versa. For now, I won't worry about it but as it is still early I haven't totally silenced my inner editor. 

I am having a lot of fun and just know this will continue throughout the month! 

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