Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 17&18

The dog days of National Novel Writing Month are upon us. The end is still too distant to be riding off of a climax. The lack of sleep has made keeping a coherent thought a difficult task. The characters are wondering why their author god has them repeating the same words and walking in circles. The plot has used the same twist for the third or fourth time. The weather has turned colder. Family expects the holidays to be a time of sharing. The laundry is piled up. The job wonders why the distraction. Everything seems to be working against this lone writer and the simple goal of writing a novel.

I thrive off of these tough times. I put all of my stress into the fiction and it helps me come up with drama that I never thought was there. I take real life circumstances and drastically alter them so as to fit the loose outline that I made up. This is always good for words though I think these days are some of my lowest output due to aforementioned distractions.

This is when it is even more important to turn to the community for support. It is amazing how nice it feels to not be alone in this writer thing. Throughout the rest of the year when I get discouraged and want to trash the whole book, I have no one to turn to to keep writing but in November there are write-ins, online chats, and social media to encourage a writer to keep going. I am thankful for that and it will be a huge credit to finishing to the end. Now I have to get back to that nasty demon fight! 

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