Sunday, November 15, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 13,14,&15

National Novel Writing Month can get exhausting and it can get real strange. I have had an amazing opportunity as a Municipal Leader to run such a great group of people, people that I actually don't mind spending way too much time with chatting online and writing at strange events.

This weekend has been a weird one for sure, which is why it took me a while to write a blog post about it. To top it all off as soon as I post this I'm embarking on one final thirty minute word sprint with other members on our very active and hilarious google chat group that one clever member started as an alternate source of motivation and encouragement.

I had a lot of work stuff but was so excited when I got off Friday to run out to this clubhouse that cost me $25 a night to rent for an all night write. These events are the strangest in Nano and usually they are very productive but this year as the leader and a very tired writer, I was not quite so quick to add to my word count. I also know a lot more members so was able to crack some jokes and open up a bit. I sometimes forget how crazy my mind can get on not enough sleep. We crashed after 4am on Friday and I spent all of Saturday asleep.

The really dedicated Wrimos keep at it but we also have the No Write Night to relax for a bit. This is when we discover that we are all crazy and it is weird for us to actually have to talk to each other without our laptops in between us. It was fun though and we hashed out the second half so I'm prepared. I like to talk about my plot before I write it. 

Finally, I got back into rhythm with another great coffee shop write-in so I'm good to go. I have passed 60K and I'm on pace to pass 100K! This NaNoWriMo will be one of my best and I'm happy I'm participating as a writer and a leader. 

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