Tuesday, November 10, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 10

Writing is a solitary activity. I've heard this several times in the last few days and I wholeheartedly agree. Most of the time I'm sitting by myself staring at a glowing computer screen debating characters in my head fueled by entirely too much caffeine.

But November is a magical time. Writers get together. Writers come out of their lairs. Writers overcome their social anxiety for a few days. Some come out for one, some come out for three, some come out for the entire month never to be seen again until next November. 

For a short time, we don't have to feel alone. We talk about the strange turns in our plots, the abuse of coffee, the soreness of our fingers from pounding on the keyboard. Inside jokes travel from coffee shop to bookstore to library. We sprint our hearts out motivating each other to put more words on the page than we ever have before. 

I've met friends here, I've heard about members getting married later on after meeting at events. NaNo changes people's lives! I might be losing my mind at this point but I will also be crossing the 50k mark tomorrow. But as far as story goes, it's still early there is plenty of action left to happen and plenty of November left to write. Sleep in December, Edit in January. My new motto. 

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