Sunday, November 1, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 1

The first day of National Novel Writing Month is nearly over, at least for me since I was up at midnight and then woke up early for some morning sprints as well. Also game five of the Major League Baseball World Series and two undefeated teams going at it on Sunday night football AND The Walking Dead should have another awesome episode AND The Leftovers AND The Affair And I would like to read. So many books and I bought another at the store! And work tomorrow. 

Anyways, I feel confident about my story and really love these characters. Returning to them is like coming home but things have changed since time has passed. It has that familiar but new sequel feel and while I am writing it, it also feels like this story has a mind of its own. 

Since I spent nearly a year planning this out after completing the last one, I don't think I'll ever be in a situation where I don't know where it is going next unless some word sprints take it off course. The weird thing is that I have so much to write because I am working on easing in new readers, refreshing the novel-world past for myself, and moving the action forward with the new plot. Introducing new characters also gives me a ton of new material.

My biggest issues with this novel is I'm holding off metaphorically pulling the trigger on a scene because I feel like there is something I haven't covered and know I could get a few more words in description-wise before I run into the action. 

As always the group sprints help and my competitive nature makes me slam the keyboard so hard that I'll have to use the attachable keyboard and maybe have some thumb and finger pain later in November. The Lexington community is one of the best and I find so much support. I try to not spend too much time on social networks because that means I'm staring at a computer and not writing but I really like communicating with old and new friends.

The first event went well. The bookstore is always a cool place to write. Whenever I need some inspiration, I just walk around and look at all the covers and the ideas just flow. Tomorrow is BBQ and writing. 

This month is going to be awesome. I'm already using the same word multiple times, sometimes in the same sentence and compulsively updating my word count after every paragraph. I'll see if I can put down another thousand or two words to reach ten thousand before midnight.  

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