Sunday, November 8, 2015

Movie Review: Spectre

Spectre continues the James Bond mythology and Daniel Craig's run as the globe-trotting, martini swilling, womanizing, super agent based on the character created by Ian Fleming. This film ties together threads from the previous three films and this continuity was one of the major selling points to me but did not follow through as I hoped. The new 007 has always been treated as a bit of a reboot, back to the beginning, starting out earning his stripes, series so this takes it to the next level, adding the iconic villain from the past series.

This twist should come as no surprise and the big reveal feels a little dead in this internet spoiler day and age. This is one of Christoph Waltz's most unimpressive performances but it would be interesting to see the potential. The continuity also felt like it had to be in there because other stories have done it, not a natural development from the plot. 

There was potential in this installment but several of the action sequences fell flat. Every time the chases came about it didn't really seem to matter, especially the dull "bad guy lair escape" scene. It felt like an easy mode escape on a video game and ended way too quickly for the potential it could've had. No tension, no stakes, no caring for the characters, but a giant explosion, so there's that. 

It hit all the points so if you had a checklist, fast cars, bond girls, exotic places, evil villain, small pistol, explosions, tough guy henchman, but all of this felt so forced and like no one really wanted to do this but they had all this money, oh well. 

The chemistry between Craig and Lea Seydoux was nonexistent and Monica Bellucci was barely in the film at all, and seemed sadly unimportant to the overall plot.

I hope this isn't the last for Daniel Craig, it would be a bad way to go out. If you're an avid fan, there are some forgivable moments and the nostalgia factor pushes it over the edge. That Sam Mendes directed it shows through in a very cool opening sequence but I doubt he'll continue with the series. I give a 7 out of 10 and it may grow on me when I get to rewatch it. 

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