Sunday, November 1, 2015

Major League Baseball World Series

That's it for baseball season. I hardly paid attention and even as the World Series was going on I tuned in only intermittently. Nothing is quite like the tension of the final at-bats of a game, especially the very final game of the season. 

The Kansas City Royals were nearly done in game five, the New York Mets only had three out to force a game six but then...the Royals do what they so often do well: small ball, base hits, and stolen bases. They also have a killer bullpen that comes in handy in these extra inning games. 

A similar comeback happened the night before and you can see this Kansas City team does not give up the fight. The Royals won because of persistence, hell they had to wait a whole year after losing to the San Francisco Giants last year. A lot of men dress in blue are celebrating tonight and there is not joy for those wearing the Mets orange.

Since the Mets are in the NL East, the same division as my old home team the Atlanta Braves, I don't root for them very often but these losses were heartbreaking. 

The Kansas City Royals had not won in 30 years! I am younger than the last time the Royals won. It's nice to see them celebrating. They were deemed the winner a  long time ago and they followed through. A hell of a lot better than the Nationals who didn't even make it to the playoffs.

There are probably more amazing stories than this vague overall look but I didn't have enough tim to catch it all. Until next year, goodbye for now baseball...

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