Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kentucky Election Day

Kentucky had an election today and I went to the polls this afternoon to cast my vote as a member of the democracy in which I currently live. 

The governor's race was not as competitive as I thought it would be. Matt Bevin defeated Jack Conway by over eight percent. The future Governor had established his name as a tea party candidate who went against Mitch Mcconnell for the Republican Senate seat last year. He promised to repeal the Medicare program so things may get a bit dicey here in Kentucky but we'll have to see how effective Bevin is as Governor. 

For Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes won with a twenty thousand vote differential, a little less than two percent. I like her as a candidate and I hope she runs for senate against Rand Paul next year. She has good ideas for the state and the country. 

The only other Democrat to win was the Attorney General Andy Beshear using the former Governor's name to propel him to victory despite prevalent attack adds against him. 

Treasurer, Auditor, and Agricultural Commissioner all went Republican but this is Kentucky so I can't be that surprised. I live in a liberal part of Lexington that voted primarily Democratic. The state government will be divided so it will be curious to see what happens in the future. 

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