Saturday, November 21, 2015

TV Premiere: Jessica Jones

I found some time to catch the first episode of Marvel's new superhero series that adds to the overall Marvel universe and continues the set up of the superhero team up The Defenders. I enjoyed the first series to introduce this concept with Daredevil but that is a more recognizable hero, who I've actually encountered before.

Jessica Jones is a bit rarer and I hadn't actually heard about her until the whole Defenders thing got announced. I was familiar with her powers or her storyline so all of this seems new to me. 

Krysten Ritter does a good job, at least in the first episode, setting up a tough, hard-hitting, harder drinking, private detective who has a troubled past. She carries the show and is on screen pretty much the entire time. There are not many sub threads here except for Carrie Annie Moss's lawyer character who will be interesting to see develop. 

Mike Colter also shows up as the bartender in the first episode but has been revealed to be the superhero Luke Cage, who will get his own series some time next year. I look forward to watching his series in the future and I like how he's being introduced now to develop some familiarity with the new hero before we jump right into his story as well.

The special effects budget isn't as large as the big budget movies but still they don't look terrible. This will be the weakest part of the show I presume but I'll know more as I get deeper. The great thing about these superhero shows on Netflix is that the superhero aspect kind of takes a backseat to the drama and characters. I will enjoy binging this one when I have more free time! 

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