Sunday, November 15, 2015

TV Premiere: Into the Badlands

After another awesome episode of The Walking Dead, a brand new show premiered on AMC, Into the Badlands. It's hard to describe but in a great way. There are swords, martial arts, and crazy special effects. This show is like nothing I have ever seen on television and should prove to be interesting. I'm tempted to let it play out then binge it later on when it comes to a streaming service. 

I checked and it seems the critics are split on this one with most of the positive reviews sticking with a turn-your-mind-off and enjoy-the-fight-scenes viewing approach. The negative reviews harp on the acting but I always feel like premieres of shows other than HBO or Showtime start off weak as actors work to get into characters. Once they inhabit them, it becomes a lot better. I have no complaints about a lot of actors in The Walking Dead that started out a bit rough at first. It seems new actors just have a difficulty adjusting.

The plot and the premise do seem a little convoluted. There are no guns, but that isn't really explained, I guess since the characters wouldn't know what guns are. But then there is magic or something and that is the weakest part because the effects get a bit over budget and look fake at that point, plus they are putting a lot on a young actor to pull that off on a television show. 

There seem to be a lot of cool roles, especially the Baron and the Widow. It will be cool to see this world grow and to learn more about it. I remain hopeful and there only seem to be six episodes ordered so far so the viewers will have to decide if we see more of this series. 

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