Sunday, November 15, 2015

Democratic Presidential Debate #2

It is nearly impossible to stay political informed and have a normal life, luckily I'm committed to my status as a political junkie that started out in college and has grown into a nearly uncontrollable condition.

I knew there was a debate this Saturday, I reminded myself that there was a debate this Saturday, I planned to watch the debate this Saturday, then Saturday came, and I missed it. Football and novels and life and stuff, give me a break, I'm playing catch up but it doesn't appear that I missed much.

The Democratic party is united, they are united against tough issues like climate change, income inequality, terrorism, and racial prejudice. Sure there was some back and forth between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton over Wall Street and Hillary will have to face some tough questions in primary about her career as Secretary of State especially with the rise of ISIS and the tragic events in Paris. It does give her more experience than any candidate but that is seen as a problem when many voters want change in DC. 

Martin O'Malley will have a tough time keeping up and he didn't gain much ground yesterday. He had a few good lines that garnered applause but he did little to recruit voters and get attention for his ideas. He's sticking around for that juicy VP pick and it is a better platform than mayor or governor. It's just a timing issue to see when he drops out. I think he'll hang around to Iowa and New Hampshire at least but it might be just a battle between Hil and Bern.

Bernie Sanders has such grand schemes that he wants to pull off so every moderator always asks him how he can possibly hope to accomplish these promises. This is always the problem with an idealist, practicality sinks in and the harsh reality of the world makes the idealism shrivel. It's going to be a battle but I think Hilary will beat him handily with her strong political machine. At least, Bernie will have some influence pushing Hilary to the left and I would like to see a true challenge since that makes for better blog posts and more interesting television. 

Hillary Clinton would be considered the winner, which comes as no surprise but she shows some weaknesses that the Republican will pounce on once they sort out their difference and decide on someone to rally behind. Hillary is tough and I thin she can handle the grueling process but name fatigue my bit a stronger force and for her to overcome it will take more excitement than currently exists in the primary competition. 

There are eleven more debates, four for the Dems and eleven for the Repubs, two next month and one of the late Republican debates depends on the competition at the time. The next, I believe, is December 15. It seems manageable and I will try my best to keep up. 

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