Sunday, November 29, 2015

College Football Week 13

Rivalry week has come and past with two days of big games over the Thanksgiving holiday. Teams have had their chance all year to prove their dominance and now there is only championship week left to make the final play.

The biggest loss of this week was Notre Dame losing to Stanford and dropping out of their running of the championship. Such a close game came down to the wire but with the Fighting Irish out it leaves room for both a Big 12 and Big Ten team to make their way into the final four. 

On Friday, TCU came out on top over Baylor which eliminates the last two Texas teams. Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State letting the Sooners take the third spot overall in the playoff rankings since they don't have to play a championship. 

Clemson continued to dominate their opponents for an undefeated season by beating South Carolina and if they can continue on to beat their northern counterpart North Carolina in the ACC championship they will have the number one spot, seems likely.

With Florida's loss to Florida State, Alabama looks to be the clear frontrunner in the SEC. It seems improbable that they fall in the SEC championship. If so then I don't know who goes on to take their spot or if they still get in, would be an interesting conundrum for the ranking committee. 

The Big Ten Championship next weekend will decide it for Iowa and Michigan State. The reigning champs Ohio State have fallen after their one loss and don't look to have a chance to regain the title this year. 

We may be in for a few more surprises before the year is out. Thanks for following along with me!

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