Sunday, November 22, 2015

College Football Week 12

Some big games this week  and the results of which had major impacts on the college football playoffs. 

The first game that was hugely consequential was the Big Ten matchup between the Michigan State Spartans and the reigning champs the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes had hung around the top of the rankings this entire season but their first real challenge has knocked them down and most likely out of the playoffs. Michigan State has already suffered a loss to unranked Nebraska so they will not likely make it to the big game either. That leaves Iowa still undefeated in the Western Division of the Big Ten Conference. They will have to face Michigan State in the Conference championship if they hope to get a spot in the top four.

The Big 12 have taken themselves out of the playoffs once again and are truly suffering from not having a championship for their conference. Oklahoma State fell to Baylor by ten points. Each of the top four teams has one loss so there needs to be a distinguishing test or this conference will continue to be left out, maybe next year.

The SEC had a lot of easy games this week, Ole Miss beating LSU would be interesting if LSU was still a contender but they've dropped so far as too not matter in the final competition. Alabama still takes the top spot and a place in the four playoff teams and they only have to face a struggling Florida Gators in the SEC conference championship.

Clemson continues their domination and will most likely be the number one team though I think they have been overrated and will be eliminated in the semifinal round against whoever they face.

The final spot looks like it belongs to Notre Dame as an independent team but they will have to face Stanford last week as a final test before they go on to the playoffs. 

Next week is rivalry week so there will be some interesting contests and then we will be a step away from the great games that cap off the end of the year. Looking back it has been an interesting season with no clear leader and even now things have not been determined so it should be an exciting end. 

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