Sunday, November 15, 2015

College Football Week 11

As I continue my blog resuscitation, I find that a lot has happened in the college football playoff battle. 

Clemson remains number one and it looks like they'll be able to safely coast into one of the top spots in the four team competition barring some very odd upsets either by Wake Forest, South Carolina, or possibly North Carolina in an ACC Championship game.

Ohio State is still at two but their toughest games are ahead with Michigan and Michigan State as the final two battles in November. This is going to be an interesting matchup that I hope I can catch with my busy schedule. A loss would eliminate the Big Ten from the playoffs unless the official playoff rankings are generous or Iowa pulls out an upset in the Big Ten championship. Iowa is still undefeated and could be the underdog that comes up big but they haven't had many challenges. 

Alabama stays up in third but I would love to see them fall to the Gator in the SEC championship, then I think it would be a chance for UF to get in but that would mean they have to play with their backup quarterback, who isn't the strongest. 

The Big 12 is the most interesting fight this year. Baylor and TCU started out in the top four but have both been defeated after Baylor's loss to Oklahoma. Now all that is left is Oklahoma State's undefeated team but they still have to beat Baylor and Oklahoma so there will be some exciting games to near the end but I think at team from this division should make it even without a championship. If they all lose that might not happen.

Notre Dame has a chance to jump from five into the fourth place position and all they have to do is stick out against Stanford who was the last hope for the PAC-12 but couldn't pull out a win against Oregon. 

Only two more weeks of the regular season and then a championship weekend to sort out the rest. It's going to be entertaining and I reiterate my hope that one day these young men get compensated for their sacrifice and effort.  

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