Sunday, November 8, 2015

College Football Week 10

We proceed every closer to the College Football Playoffs, one of the best things to ever happen to college football in my lifetime. We wouldn't have had the championship game we had last year between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio States Buckeyes if the playoffs hadn't been instituted, but now we do so let's analyze who might make it in and who lost their bid this week.

Starting with the SEC, LSU did not put up a fight against Alabama. It was pretty obvious from the beginning that LSU couldn't handle the superior defense no matter how awesome their running back is. He might not get the Heisman after the performance last night. LSU dropped to number 9 in the rankings and will not be in the SEC championship if Alabama can hold out against Mississippi State and Auburn, which seems likely but could potentially be surprising. The Florida Gators clinched an appearance as representative for the SEC Eastern conference with a close win over Vanderbilt and they do not look impressive enough to get into the playoffs. It would be a miracle if they beat Alabama but still a possibility.

Michigan State had a costly loss against the Nebraska Cornhuskers and this pulls them out of the running. I though they might have had a chance but they had already survived so many close calls. That leaves Ohio State in the lead in the Big Ten who should get through the rest of the season unscathed and get one of the top spots. Iowa is still an undefeated team to be reckoned with and could prove quite a matchup for the Big Ten championship game. 

In the ACC, Clemson beat Florida State and remains undefeated and number one as the most overrated team. I will not be surprised if they make it and then get clobbered though my faith in them my rise if they win the ACC championship. There just seemed to be an upset waiting to happen. 

In the Big 12, what I thought was going to be a competition between TCU and Baylor has turned into a fight between Oklahoma State and Baylor. Neither team has an easy schedule and they face each other in two weeks. I still think this division may beat each other and since they don't have a championship game be left with no clear winner and left of the playoffs, like last year, but one team could prove their dominance and be a winner of it all. 

The other teams that show promise are Stanford and Notre Dame, who will face each other at the end of this month and possibly earn a spot if some of those other scenarios happen.

Right now, it seems the SEC might get left out but I don't know if the power that be will let that happen. Either way it is going to be an exciting finish to the college football season. Somebody should pay these guys. 

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