Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beer Review: West Sixth IPA

West Sixth Brewing Company is a local Lexington, Kentucky brewery that has a ton of amazing beers and it will be a pleasure to review as many of them as I can get my hands on. 

I'll start with the IPA since this has been my go-to beers and one of the most popular of the brand. The IPA has a hoppy taste that attacks the tongue upon first sip and a drinker can still taste it after four. They are only packaged in cans for convenience and environmental reasons so I would say four or five will get you going and cause you to order an Uber to go out. If I can find it I will review the awesome double IPA, it's a bit stronger. 

If a visitor comes to Kentucky, I would highly recommend ordering this brew. It has a sweet aftertaste and does not leave on feeling sick with a hangover in the morning. I drank this beer all weekend and it has helped me produce quite a few words. I've even managed to convince a few non-IPA fans to drink this particular beer. Not sure if they like it though.

One interesting story about the brewery, which is just speculation from an anecdote, is, I heard, that they feed some of the tilapia with the leftover from the hops and stuff so the fish get drunk and then they cook those and feed them to people. I ate the fried shrimp last time I was there but next time I'm trying the tilapia. I'd say this is a solid IPA that easily competes with other bigger brewery's IPAs.

I would also recommend that a drinker clean up the spills of this because my sheets still sort of stink after a polish tornado, don't ask. It has a strong scent and nice thick color, snobs. A good beer, drink and be merry! 

It goes well with spicy foods and a hearty burger, and pizza and sugary treats, good in cold and warm weather too. 

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