Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beer Review: West Sixth Amber Ale

I continue my way through these delicious beers from the local Lexington brewery West Sixth Brewing with an amber ale. This is the second most popular beer of their selection after the IPA and I can see why. 

It takes about three to get going as they are in cans but the amber aftertaste does not get tiring too quickly for that. It has an easy first sip that doesn't attack the senses and the smell is not as strong as the IPA. The aftertaste is really where it kicks in sort of floral with a plethora of different flavors contending to grab the attention of the tastebuds; grain, hops, caramel, toffee, malt, a lot of flavors all in one good punch with the swallow. Makes for easy drinking.   

It goes well with all types of food, I've had it with spicy, italian and even a hearty meal. It is a bit thick so a large meal may leave a drinker feeling a bit stuffed but I would also not recommend going with this on an empty stomach. 

This is a good beer for winter and though some have complained about the resulting hangover from the sweet taste or whatever, I have not had too much of a problem. This beer doesn't sneak up on me, like some I've had. The six-packs are a bit expensive but when dealing with a local brewery I'm more than willing to shell out a few extra bucks.

I'm looking forward to venturing into the more obscure beers that West Sixth offers but have been incredibly pleased with both the IPA and Amber Ale. I like the can design and that it is portable and slightly better for the Earth we all inhabit. I also look forward to making another visit to the brewery. 

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