Monday, October 12, 2015

TV Premiere: Fargo (Season 2)

I am so glad this show has returned for another season. I loved the first season with Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman, and other great actors. The tone that was set was so compelling and fit well with the inspirational Cohen Brothers film. 

The new season starts with black and white footage and mentions Ronald Reagan as an actor. All of this is social relevant to our current situation but it's too late to get into that right now, I'll get back to that when I review the finale and know where this show is going. I would like to highlight the performance of Kieran Culkin as a sleazy gangster. He murders a judge which causes the crime scene that will be investigated in the future. I assume he may not come back but I hope he will because I enjoyed his character and thought his portrayal was well done. 

Another performance that is intriguing for this new season is Kirsten Dunst, who, spoiler, hits Kieran Culkin with her car and takes him home where he is possibly killed since he was put in a freezer. She has changed her appearance and put on quite an accent. I think her corruption of her husband, played by Jesse Plemons, will be a highlight of this season.

The connection to the first season comes from a young Lou Solverson, play by Patrick Wilson and previously portrayed by Keith Carradine. Ted Danson plays his older partner and their 
camaraderie  will take us through the dark underworld of North Dakota.

This is a great show and I am looking forward to how it plays out.

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