Thursday, October 1, 2015

TV Premiere: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Ok, just one more post before I call it a night. I am trying to put as many posts up as I can while I'm still excited about this blog and also to make my mistakes seem less large by diluting them with correctly spelled words and grammatically correct sentences.
I feel like Trevor Noah cannot just be judged on his first four episodes just like I hope my blog isn't judged by my first four posts.
Overall though, I like Trevor Noah as the new host. I thought he handled the tragic events of earlier today well, caught off guard as he was by these awful occurrences that have become terrifyingly common. I didn't expect him to address it outright since the information is still vague and processing it in a humorous way seems almost impossible. His monologues have been enjoyable and I understand why he might be relying on the correspondents in the early stages. Jordan Klepper is funny too. The other new correspondents will take some getting used to but I thought they show promise.
I watched Jon Stewart nearly every chance I got so I'm excited the show has returned and about the new direction. I wasn't as faithful a watcher of Colbert but enjoyed it often. The Nightly Show started off strong but I haven't been watching as many episodes lately.
I'm also glad new episodes of Tosh.0 and South Park are back!

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