Sunday, October 11, 2015

Short Story Week Wrap-up

The first ever American Short Story Week came to an end yesterday and I would have to say it was not easy. As I paste several incomplete stories back into my collection, I am glad that there is such a thing to motivate me to write. 
A few changes I would like to see is more focus on word count, somehow having that goal helps me reach it, so vary the story lengths, especially for the three "average" short stories.
The one write-in that we tried did not work out so I hope that means I will do better with a sense of community during this upcoming November. 

Prompts might also help me come up with ideas though that wasn't a problem but I think I could've incorporated something in them to help me move forward. We should definitely have themed short story weeks either by genre or type or whatever. 
The novella seems impossible but if I had time it might have worked out. I was saving my karma for November since I'll be so busy with NanoWrimo and didn't want to use that up for this week. So we will definitely distance the next one from November, I hope. 
Making this a bigger deal on the web will help garner support and invite other to join in for future weeks. 
Overall it was a great event and I look forward to doing it again!

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