Saturday, October 3, 2015

Short Story Week: A Preview

So short story week starts tomorrow. You can find the rules at
This was an idea that my friend mentioned over beers awhile back and I encouraged him to do it. I need all the extra motivation to write that I can get. I'm a bit nervous because I have been sitting on the final seven stories of this science fiction collection. The whole thing has taken about a year. 
I'm currently trying to finish another story that I'd been working for a few weeks before I start the challenge of this next week. I shouldn't even be typing in here but I thought I would do a little preview before it gets underway. I hope to make one blog post each day to update my status. 

Here is my plan:

10/4 Sunday- Short Story: The Other Me (1001-10,000 words)
10/5 Monday- Short Story: Teleportation Trials (1001-10,000 words)
10/6 Tuesday- Flash Fiction: Skin Growth (101-1000 words)
10/7 Wednesday- Flash Fiction: The Discovery (10-100 words)
10/8 Thursday- Short Story: Washout (1001-10,000 words)
10/9 Friday- Narrative Poem: Cat World (narrative poem)
10/10 Saturday- Novella: Depopulation Day (10,001- 50,000 words)

I've been musing about these stories for a while but every time I start a story I realize how much I haven't thought about it and need to think more. I've got clones, teleportation, aliens, and cats. I've already covered quite a few sci-fi topics in the first eleven stories. It's going to take a lot of caffeine and concentration but I'll let you know how it goes.

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