Thursday, October 29, 2015

Politics: Republican Presidential Debate #3

Politics fatigue is setting in a bit early this election cycle. But we have a third Republican Party debate to write about so let's get to it. Disclaimer I didn't watch the whole thing and only tuned into the final third of the first "vice president" debate for lack of a better term. I spent the last part switching between American Horror Story, South Park, and the World Series as well. 

First, let's talk about the "vice president" debate. Rick Santorum seemed to be the winner because talking about beer in Colorado was the producer of that awful swill Coors. I mean I would drink it if I ate something really spicy and felt like my mouth was burning. I thought Bobby Jindal would do better  but he still seems to be hanging around the bottom. These candidates are showing how disillusioned their message is by not progressing up further. Lindsey Graham is just trying to push more war and Pataki should drop out soon. 

The Democrats are smart with two candidates already admitting they have no chance while the Republican party is still divided though they are rallying behind Paul Ryan for speaker of the House.

For the main event, Trump went subtle, which is  a struggle but his daughter or someone must be telling him to hold back and let Carson self-destruct. Ben will reveal more and more flaws the more he is forced into the spotlight. I can hardly see the soft-spoken brain surgeon going up against the likes of Hilary. He's not a career politician and with obvious weaknesses like foreign policy and irreconcilable right-wing social stances, he could hardly hope to win a general election. Carson is the front runner but if you check the calendar, we Americans still have over a year to go until the actual decision. 

Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul should probably give up at this point but Huck still thinks he can win in Iowa and Rand is still waiting for his daddy's following to blossom into something akin to what Bernie Sanders is doing.

Ted Cruz is hanging around with Texas money behind him and his ability to appeal to the base but Cruz is competing for a VP pick. Chris Christie can't win with bridgegate behind him but he could pick up a bulldog righthand man vote if he stays tough. Not likely though, Christie will still be in New Jersey next year. Do I even need to mention Kasich?

Marco Rubio has the greatest chance of any of the establishment candidates and if he can keep strong while Bush falls off, he should be able to make a big push come primary season. He just doesn't seem strong enough to take on Trump or the democratic nominee. 

I have a hard time seeing any of these candidates eventually becoming president in this election cycle but that just might be my prejudice. Excited to see what happens when we get some substantive results at the beginning of February. 

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