Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sports: NLCS

The Mets sweep the Cubs to go to the World Series against a soon to be determined opponent. Pitching looked solid for New York and that may pay off in being the final team left this season but they have also have had some great hitting with Daniel Murphy's homerun streak.

With such a great lineup and rotation, my prediction of the Royals will have a hard time beating them but that is why you play the game. 

It is too bad that the Cubs went out so sorely as this both proved Back to the Future wrong and continued the heartbreak of a franchise. The last time I remember the Mets in the playoffs was for the Subway series back in 2000. So long ago, now that I think about it. I personally don't like the Mets as they are in the same division as my favorite team, the Atlanta Braves. 

I guess I'll be rooting for the American League team on October 27. 

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