Monday, October 19, 2015

Sports: NFL Week 6

Blogging like crazy tonight but a lot is going on. 

So Monday night wraps up another week of football, the sixth week. On Thursday, the Falcons tragically lost their undefeated season, in an inter-division game against the Saints no less. A bad loss and I hope it will inspire them to come back stronger in the upcoming weeks. They should beat the Titans next week or they are really in trouble. 

This reduced the undefeated teams to five, three of which have bye weeks. None of the games were much of a challenge that I really wanted to watch beyond the Panthers at Seahawks. I thought for sure the Seahawks would win at home but now I doubt if they will make it to the playoffs. 

The Bengals beat the Buffalo Bills with only a small challenge early but then they took it away. The Broncos were challenged by the Browns and it went to overtime but eventually Peyton Manning and Denver pulled it out. 

The divisions spread out into winners and losers. The biggest toss-ups are the NFC East with the Eagles and Giants tied after New York's Monday night loss and the AFC South with the Colts Sunday night loss against New England, a rematch of Deflate Gate. 

Looking forward, I don't see any exceptional matchups. I'd like to see the Eagles continue their rise against the Panthers, the Giants and Cowboys game is big in the aforementioned NFC East if Dallas still wants to have a chance. Jets and Patriots could be interesting as well. That's my assessment of the National Football League. 

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