Monday, October 12, 2015

NFL Week 5

What an exciting end to Monday Night Football, the whole week was exciting. The Steelers pulled it out tonight and even though they are in the same division as the Bengals, it's alright because the Bengal pulled off a hell of a comeback against the 2014 Super Bowl Champs Seattle Seahawks. 

The weekend for me was intense since both of my teams played 1pm games that went to overtime.

First the Atlanta Falcons had an unsuspected challenge against the Washington Redskins (Racial slur and should be changed). Their offense struggled and that is a worrying sign. If Matt Ryan throws too many picks in the playoffs, the Falcon will not go to the Super Bowl. I hope this changes in the future and Falcons get better. It was awesome that  pick-six won them the game in overtime.

For the Bengals game, I actually got to watch it and the overtime was intense. It was a really great comeback being down 17 points at the start of the fourth quarter. Andy Dalton did a great job and Giovanni Bernhard. The defense also really showed up. Russell Wilson could not get away. This win proved that the Bengal are a contender but they will have their work cut out against the Patriots and Broncos.

Speaking of which, the undefeated teams stayed undefeated. The Cardinals look good in the NFC West. The Giants look good in the NFC East.  

Falcons comes back on Thursday against the Saints and UK plays Auburn that day as well. Football!

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