Monday, October 5, 2015

NFL Week 4

The Seahawks eek out a win (with a questionable call) against the Lions and so ends week four for professional football. The Detroit Lions are the only team still without a win and they will have a nearly impossible time getting to the playoffs. Seattle looked bad, which is good because their next opponent is Cincinnati. 
Overall this was a great week for my teams. 
The Bengals won pretty safely with enough competition to make it interesting and the Falcons crushed the Texans proving even further that their new head coach Dan Quinn and talented running back Devonta Freeman along with the Matt Ryan to Julios Jones connection has made this team a contender. Both the Bengals and Falcons join four other teams that are still undefeated: Green Bay Packers (next opponent STL), Denver Broncos (wk5v@OAK), New England Patriots (wk5@DAL), and Carolina Panthers (BYE Week).
The Panthers/Falcons rivalry will result in some great games near the end of the season for the control of the NFC South.
The Bengals are two games up already in the AFC North and do not seem to have a challenger. I think the Steelers are their toughest competition but they just lost to the Ravens (see earlier blog post).
The AFC East is led by the Patriots but they may have a tough time against the Jets, though not that tough a time. I expect to see New England in the playoffs. The Dolphins just fired their coach and the Bills did not look good against the Giants.
The AFC South is the worst division in football this year, I'd like to see the Titan compete with the Colts but they are going to lose next week against the Falcons.
Broncos take the AFC West, don't see much from the Raiders.
The NFC East ends in a three-way tie this week and I'm favoring the Giants since the Cowboys have injuries and Washington doesn't look good. 
I can't count the Seahawks out of the NFC West but I've heard good things about the Cardinals. 
That wraps up this week's unprofessional breakdown of professional football. I think both my teams have a good chance of winning next week and I'm looking forward to who is still undefeated since their don't appear to be many challenging games for the final six zero-loss teams. 

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