Sunday, October 18, 2015

Movie Review: The Walk

Robert Zemeckis's The Walk is a fun and entertaining film. The low box office does not do it justice, this movie could make it in my top ten for the year. 

I was not familiar with the story and had not seen the documentary Man on Wire, but I figured the act would be completed or this wouldn't have inspired so many. I don't know the accuracy of the details but the story was not clouded by over-explanation. Despite my foreknowledge and the voiceover, I thought the tension was compelling. 

I wanted to see this in the theater and in 3D because I figured the visuals would be breathtaking and I was not disappointed. I would recommend seeing this on a big screen but even if not, this movie is great as a story. 

The biggest flaw, and not that big of one, was the French accent of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It could have been a lot worse and wasn't grating but I often think they should hire an actual French actor so the accent doesn't feel so forced. As I mentioned, there was a voiceover so this accent kept popping up in the most intense moments when it might have been better to leave it to the visuals. 

One thing that struck me from this movie was how inspirational the Twin Towers were when they were first built and throughout their existence. They were not just a symbol for New York or America but a symbol for humanity and though the tragedy can not be any more terrible, watching this feat play out was a grim reminder of the tragic past. 

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