Monday, October 19, 2015

Movie Review: Bridge of Spies

I prepared myself for the slow and steady spycraft of Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies and got to watch another strong performance from Tom Hanks.

I was not familiar with this piece of history but apparently this insurance lawyer, James B. Donovan, had quite an effect on U.S. foreign negotiations during the Cold War. I can't help thinking there were some other stories to tell and should do some research on why Spielberg chose this particular story to adapt into a motion picture. There was certainly historical significance to the events depicted and I alway like to be made to think and to learn. 

It looked beautiful, shots, scenery, costumes, but I did notice it was just a bunch of white guys for the most part and a few minor roles for woman. I have been reading Hollywood has a problem with that but it's not like this movie set out to change that and I guess they were just displaying the times. 

There were also some great supporting performances by Mark Rylance, as Russian spy Rudolf Abel, and Amy Ryan, who played Donovan's wife and was also the mother in the recent Goosebumps movie. Someone should give her a leading role. I liked her all the way back in The Wire. Scott Shepherd was also good as a CIA agent.

This movie hinges on Hanks performance and I had no doubt he would deliver. He especially excels in the final climactic scenes. I liked this movie but it was also a bit slow and doesn't necessarily need to be seen in theaters. This is the fourth collaboration between Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg after Saving Private Ryan (one of the greatest war movies ever), The Terminal (forgettable), and Catch Me If You Can (another great movie).

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