Sunday, October 4, 2015

MLB Playoffs

Before I get into baseball, I'd like to celebrate great wins by the Falcons and Bengals. I'll do my Week 4 NFL write up tomorrow after the Seahawks/Lions Monday night game.
Anyways, baseball. I haven't watched much baseball this year, a whole season and I didn't go to one game. The drive up to Cincinnati is not that long but I knew they would suck, that division has three teams in the playoffs: Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates. Chicago and Pittsburgh will meet Wednesday for the NL Wild Card game and the Cardinals will play the winner. On the other side of the National League the Mets and Dodgers face off. I'm rooting for the Dodgers and have no idea who is favored to win that match up. The Mets have not been in the playoffs for a while. I remember when they played the Yankees in the world series. On a curious note there is also a chance for another subway series in New York. 
In the American League, the Los Angeles Angels (interpreted as Angels Angels) were eliminated by the Texas Rangers. The Houston Astros lost but they are still in the Wild Card game versus the New York Yankees. I think the Yankees will win at home though the Astros were pretty good this season.  Whoever wins that will face off against the Royals, who just barely lost the World Series last year against the San Francisco Giants. The Giants didn't make it this year so the Royals have a chance to take it.  
The other game is between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rangers. I'd like to see the Blue Jays go far since Toronto hasn't been in the playoffs for as long as I can remember. 
My early prediction for the World Series is Kansas City Royals vs. St. Louis Cardinals with a prediction of a Royals win. This is a safe bet and the playoffs always have a way of surprising. 
The teams that I am rooting for going to the World Series are Chicago Cubs vs. Toronto Blue Jays. This would be exciting. I'd like the World Series to go to Canada this year because if the Atlanta Braves can't have it then the USA shouldn't have it. 
I have no idea of course and that's why they play the games.

Play Ball!

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