Thursday, October 1, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World

I loved the first Jurassic Park film by Steven Spielberg, ever since I was too young for my parents to allow me to watch it but still bought me all the action figures so that I could imagine what happened from the few details I picked up from friends. I also loved the soundtrack.

I thought The Lost World was decent, gymnastics against raptors was a little much but the T-Rex was cool and the scene in the field was also intense.The third one was terrible. I recently watched it again, probably the worst one.

The only thing worth watching is Chris Pratt, but even his performance is weak for what we know he can do in Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought he was also pretty funny in Parks and Recreation but he couldn't save this movie.

Bryce Dallas Howard's character is so shallow and goes through such a quick change to lose all credibility by the end. I'm sure enough people have commented on the high heels and running from a T-Rex that I don't need to add to it, but yea, bad.

The ending was so illogical with the giant fish monster coming up and snapping the "bad" big, smart dinosaur just felt forced. I really wanted to like this movie from all the hype and I could've forgiven the rich guy crashing his helicopter just for the cool flashy popcorn movie excitement but then came the kids. 

Ty Simpkins wasn't so bad in Iron Man 3 and I thought he was great in Insidious, but they really sacrificed his part when they rushed to produce this. The whole starting up a Jeep after twenty or so years felt totally forced These kids didn't come off as that clever, mostly annoying. It was bad overall film but a box office success so there will most definitely be a sequel.

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