Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Blog Post

I want to be a writer. If I want to sell books one day then I need to have some sort of online presence. This is my first attempt at creating a blog, actually, I think I created a blog once before but I forgot where so somewhere out there, there is a blog with my name or something similar that is not being updated or added to and will probably never be added to again, by me at least. That is the strange thing about the internet, it doesn't take up space so things can just be floating around until someone looks them up. 

Don't read that blog but I hope you, dear reader, will stick around to hear the nonsense that I have to say. Maybe with a bit of practice, I can actually put down some coherent thoughts that are worth reading in either a humorous or enlightening way. 

My goals are to follow the current 2015 NFL season with a bias toward the Atlanta Falcons for the NFC and the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC. I will also write about the upcoming MLB playoffs but since the Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds were no good, I can't promise to be knowledgeable about baseball. Basketball will get started soon too.
I would also like to blog about the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. I try to keep an open mind but, admittedly, I have a liberal bias.

I try to see at least one new movie a weekend so I will also post reviews on here that can also be found on my IMDB profile.

Another goal, that it may take a while to get started, is to investigate nearby paranormal phenomenon. If I can't find anyone interested in my nonfiction paranormal investigations then I will post them here.

The last thing, I will try to blog about this as a little as possible, is my nonexistent career as a writer. It's not going well but maybe I will get published this next year and have something to promote. It makes me feel guilty because I should be writing fiction instead of confessing my soul to readers online but I'll have to find a balance.  

I'm wary about publishing short stories on here because of copyright issues but if I can't find any buyers and eventually give up hope then maybe I'll publish one or two here. So that's my blog, I hope someone reads this!

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