Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Democratic Presidential Debate

I did not have enough time to catch all of the debate this evening but anticipated that it wouldn't be as exciting as that crazy Republican race. I caught the last bit and I'm sure I will see the highlights over the next week if I turn on CNN or read any news articles. I also got a sense of a social media reaction though that was also pretty biased towards my preference.

Lincoln Chaffee is probably done and working for a VP nod though I don't know how he would help a presidential candidate get more votes. I'm not even sure he would be a safe pick with some odd gaffes and irrelevant ideas. 

Jim Webb, a veteran, comes off as a bit of a hawk, which could make him a could foreign policy VP pick or a Secretary of State or something like that. I'd be curious to see if he gets more attention but doesn't seem likely.

Martin O'Malley (you know,  Littlefinger in the Wire) didn't take advantage of the opportunity of national coverage but for a VP pick, if Bernie and Hillary really go at each other, he could be the safest bet. I could see either of them invite him on their ticket unless he comes out strong against them. There are some images of him staring down the other candidates and that didn't look great so I would proclaim him the biggest loser of the whole thing, though simple name recognition may give him a boost in the polls. Some of the analysts said he did well but from what I heard he seems uninspiring. He did mention global warming/climate change/ the inevitable death of the Earth we live because humans suck, but I'm not sure what his actual ideas are. I don't have time to read up on it either. 

Bernie Sanders seemed to get the most applause lines. His greatest weakness, repeated over and over, is guns. I think he takes reasonable approach that will stimulate debate instead of splitting people down the middle of the issue. I know people very passionately on both sides of this debate and guns scare the hell out of me but I don't think they should be all in the governments hands. Still, with a democratic base, it won't be easy to pull off that moderate position, moderate only in gun-loving USA. Overall, as predicted, Bernie won. I'm not sure this means he gets votes. 

Hillary Clinton did well and I feel like she is slowly winning me over. She is certainly clever and a savvy politician but if she wins, not much will change. A woman for president would be a welcome change so if she wins, I would vote for her, but will it make any difference. She has been in politics for so long that it is easy to find her mistakes but I would never think anyone could be there that long without causing some controversy. 

The polls will tell and eventually all that matters will be the actual votes starting next year. The media has me watching this like a sports event and I can never really know how politics affects my life. I look forward to watching what happens and flexing my writing ability on the topic. 

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