Sunday, October 18, 2015

College Football Week 7

An interesting week of football so I'll jump right to the most exciting stuff. 

The Michigan vs. Michigan State battle was a contest between evenly matched teams that came down to the final bad snap that the Michigan punter fumbled. Michigan State ran it back down the field for a game-winning touchdown and the Spartans remain undefeated. This Big Ten conference will be decided by the late November games of these two team with the reigning champs, the Ohio State Buckeyes, who also are still undefeated. 

The top Big 12 teams are still powering forward. Both Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma State have not yet lost. These battles will also take place later in November as the season nears the end. One team may come out on top or they will all defeat each other and miss out on the playoffs again.

Utah keeps cruising forward atop the Pac-12 and they could represent the West in the playoffs.

In the ACC either FSU or Clemson will win and that will be decided in their meeting on November 7. 

Finally, the exciting SEC had some major developments. Alabama defeated Texas A&M for the Aggies first loss. LSU beat UF to continue the Tigers dominance of the conference. The LSU vs. Alabama game in Tuscaloosa also on November 7 will decide the SEC West and if an SEC team even makes it into the playoffs. The Gators will have a chance at redemption if they can win out, this includes beating FSU, and then they will have to win the SEC Championship. 

As ever, college football remains highly entertaining but they should find some way to compensate these athletes beyond tuition. 

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