Sunday, October 11, 2015

College Football Week 6

There were so many great games and potential upsets this weekend added to the MLB playoffs and Amy Schumer hosting SNL and it was hard not to spend all night in front of the television. I didn't get the writing done that I needed to, college style.
The first upset of the day was Texas over tenth ranked Oklahoma. I heard the coach was under pressure since he'd made quite a bit of money but hadn't performed. This will through the Big 12 into disarray but the top two teams remain 3 Baylor and 2 TCU. I'll jump to that TCU vs. Kansas State game, close but it ended up going to the second ranked team in the final quarter. Kansas State started the first half tough but then waned as TCU's great quarterback took over. 
in the Big Ten, 18 Michigan beat 13 Northwestern handily, shutting out Northwestern who will plummet in the ranking later today. Next week at Michigan will host 4 Michigan State, who was challenged by unranked Rutgers,  so that will decide who is the best contender to face first place Ohio State at the end of the season, the last two games for the former champs. 
The ACC leaders 12 FSU had a challenged from Miami but the Hurricanes couldn't hold it out.
The biggest upset of the day came from the SEC, of course. Tennessee beat 19 UGA. The bulldogs should drop out of the top 25 after the lost last week against Alabama. Arkansas held Alabama to a field goal in the first half but couldn't pull through. The Gators beat Missouri so they will have a big challenge next week against the LSU Tiger in Louisiana. 
I look forward to seeing where every team is ranked later today. Now time for some NFL and more baseball!

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