Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Review: Snow Crash By Neal Stephenson

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson was first published in 1992, yet his vision for the future has still not been fully realized. This book was revolutionary for the cyberpunk genre or so I've read. For me, it is a highly entertaining piece of science fiction.

I first read this book back in college and only recently returned to it because I wanted to work my way through several of Neal Stephenson's book before reading his latest novel, Seveneves, that came out earlier this year.

The two main characters have great names, Y.T. and Hiro Protagonist and are also great characters to follow around in Stephenson's rich setting of futuristic Los Angeles where private companies are stronger than the government. Hiro is a master hacker, pizza delivery driver, and swordsman who can win in both the Metaverse, virtual reality, and in reality. Y.T. is  young Kourier who delivers packaged by harpooning onto cars and skating across the highway. This image alone makes this book deserve a movie adaptation and I'm not sure what is holding it up. 

There are other great characters populating the book like the Aleut, Raven, who throws spear with glass tips that can cut through pretty much anything. He also rides around on a bike equipped with a nuclear warhead so if someone kills him it will blow up. 

The plot is intricate with a ton of details that made me see the world differently when I was young and I picked up on a lot more during this second read. There are so many books to read in the world, it is hard to justify reading one for a second time but this is one my favorite books ever with action, humor, and a great knowledge of interesting subjects. I would recommend this book to any reader of cyber punk or action/adventure novels. It's well written and fast paced. 

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