Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Beer Review: Red Hook Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter

Keeping with the pumpkin theme of October beer reviews, I picked up a Red Hook brewery porter. The guy at the liquor store said his wife liked it.

The Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter is dark with a very subtle taste of pumpkin and spices. The dark porter is the strongest taste here and the pumpkin comes later without any bitter aftertaste. The maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger adds a sweetness that allows this beer to go down smoothly. There is almost a chocolate taste to this. For those looking for a strong pumpkin taste, I would check out the other pumpkin beers I've reviewed earlier but if you are a fan of a sweet porter with a hint of pumpkin then this is quite a choice. 

With a 5.8% alcohol volume, this is the least alcoholic pumpkin beer I've encountered this month. I'd say three will get you going. 

I don't have a specific memory of any other Red Hook beer but with the quality of this pumpkin beer, I would try another Red Hook Brew and look forward to it.

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