Monday, October 12, 2015

Beer Review: Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale

I'll write this while I'm still a bit tipsy on this beer. The Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale is a seasonal brew that comes out around this time of year.

I've never realized how many beer reviews are out there so I'm sure this will come off as pretty amateurish but here it goes.

I enjoyed my small four-pack. It only took two beers to get me going and with the delicious taste of pumpkin, pecan, bourbon, and Kentucky ale, with a hint of pecan, this beer goes down quick and easy and leaft me a bit woozy. 

The alcohol by volume is 10%, moderate but enough. I've enjoyed the original and the Bourbon Barrel before so I knew what to expect. In the Pumpkin Barrel, I didn't taste as much pumpkin as I would've liked to with the taste of bourbon being pretty strong. I wouldn't eschew this beer later but it won't be an October staple. Maybe it will grow on me like all beer.

I've always been a fan of the flavored beers and this one was decent.  Looking forward to tasting more pumpkin flavored things throughout October. I have also enjoyed the Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks. Now when I drink pumpkin spiced anything, I think of that hilarious skit on the daily show when they joke about pumpkin spice being big news at this time of year.

My beer history began with a Sweetwater Blue, if that helps readers understand where I am coming from. 

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