Thursday, October 8, 2015

American Horror Story: Hotel Premiere

I'm a big fan of the horror genre and I've enjoyed the American Horror Story series on FX since the first season. 
The new season premiered last night and I caught the second airing of the episode after watching baseball. I noticed that it didn't get great reviews by critic but I have high hopes for this season. It seems like Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy are pulling out all the stops. I'm also a fan of Sarah Paulson in all of the seasons and I think she has the most interesting characters in this new season as Hypodermic Sally. The Lady Gaga scene was stunning to watch and Wes Bentley's detective plot could go somewhere. 
I am reminded that all of the season looked good after the first episode. Thinking about the season, I have ranked them:

1. AHS:Asylum Season 2
2. AHS (Murder House) Season 1
3. AHS: Freak Show Season 4
4. AHS: Coven Season 3

The problems with Freak Show and Coven were certainly in the later episodes as the story went along. They sort of lost the way and some of the more interesting characters. Hopefully this new season will be fun to watch! 

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