Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sports: MLD (ALDS)

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see as much baseball as I would've liked but from what I saw, these two American League competitions were good. 

Texas is out as both the Rangers and Astros fell to their respective opponents. 

The returning American League Champions the Kansas City Royals beat Houston and will play the Toronto Blue Jays, who haven't been in the playoffs in a while though they used to be a force to reckon with a decade or more ago. Both my ideal and my likely predictions are alive. Johnny Cueto looked great tonight and I'll be looking to see how he handles the Toronto offense. The Blue Jays seems to be the highest scoring team in this League. 

With less games to watch I hope I can get more of a sense of the players that will head to the World Series. We'll find out tomorrow who will face the Chicago Cubs after their historic win. Either the Mets or the Dodgers. I think the Mets got it but the playoffs are so unpredictable!

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